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Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory officially launched

The Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory, a new independent Sino-Africa policy think tank, has been officially launched. 

China continues to be a strategic partner in Africa, taking interest across multiple sectors and industries of the African continent.

The headline numbers are glaring enough. Africa is developing ever deeper ties with China in trade and investment.

Africa-China relations can be traced back to the 1950s when economic and trade cooperation centred on bilateral trade and China’s aid to Africa. Through the joint efforts of both sides, cooperation has been developed in ever-expanding fields with increasingly richer content.

The Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory is an independent Sino-African research and policy think tank and advisory firm headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

The Centre is dedicated to providing unbiased policy and market research as well as distinct views on Africa-China relations.

According to Paul Frimpong, Founder & Executive Director of the Africa-China Centre for Policy & Advisory,

“We are dedicated to offering strategic guidance on key issues regarding China and Africa, covering multiple sectors and industries.”

“We gather both primary and secondary data on Africa-China, spot patterns and opportunities, evaluate them, and present insights that are relevant and timely.”

The goal of the Africa-China Centre for Policy and Advisory is to promote and facilitate positive interaction and discussion on the expanding partnership between China and Africa among people, decision-makers, scholars, and other stakeholders.

The think tank has already received positive endorsement from multiple institutions and governments in Africa as a key to promoting knowledge, ideas, and experiences between Africa and China.

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