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China hoping for US to view bilateral relations in objective, rational manner

According to CCTV News, a foreign ministry spokesperson says that China is hoping that the United States is able to abandon the zero-sum game mindset and be able to see China as well as China-US relations in an objective and rational manner.

Spokesperson Zhao Lijian commented at a press briefing when asked to answer to the remarks the US elect Present, Joe Biden’s nominee for CIA director William Burns regarding bilateral ties. Zhao said “Over the past few years, out of political purposes, the former U.S. administration made severe miscalculations and misinterpretations on China’s goals and policies and took many containment and oppressive measures that caused immeasurable damage to China-U.S. relations. It went against the fundamental interests of the two peoples”.

China always believes that the bilateral relationship is not a zero-sum game, and both countries share broad common interests, said Zhao, adding that it is natural that there are differences between the two countries, but the bilateral relations cannot be defined by differences.

Zhao said China hopes the United States can adopt positive, constructive China policies, and work with China in the same direction to focus on cooperation, manage differences, and bring the bilateral relations back to the track of sound and stable development.

On China-U.S. trade and economic issues, Zhao said the essence of China-U.S. trade is mutually beneficial in nature. Zhao further added that China firmly opposes groundless accusations against and even stigmatization of China’s normal economic and trade activities.


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