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Gabon’s coup leaders take oath of office following president’s ouster.

On Wednesday , Gabon’s military leader said that they have freed the ousted president, Ali Bongo Ondimba, and he is now allowed to travel abroad, where he can go for medical checkups if he so wishes, since his health has been a major concern since 2018 up until the 2023 presidential election.

Images of Bongo welcoming Abdou Abarry, chief of the United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa, at Bongo’s mansion in the nation’s capital, Libreville, were also shown on state television.

IMAGE: Gabon’s Ousted President Bongo

General Brice Nguema, the man who led the recent coup in Gabon, has officially become the transitional president. This happened on Monday, and during his swearing-in ceremony, he promised to eventually return the country to civilian rule through a free and fair election. However, he didn’t specify when that would happen, leaving many with questions about the timing.

General Nguema’s rise to power comes after the previous president was ousted, leading to the military taking control of the government. As the new transitional president, he now holds a critical role in guiding Gabon towards stability and democratic governance.

What’s caught the attention of people both within Gabon and around the world is the junta’s decision, led by General Nguema, to release several political prisoners. One of the most notable figures released is Jean Remi Yama, a well-known pro-democracy activist and leader of a powerful trade union group in Gabon. This move to free political detainees happened earlier this week and suggests a potential shift in the political climate of the country.

IMAGE: General Brice Oligui Nguema was sworn in as the head of state

The situation in Gabon is sure to be closely watched by the international community. Many are eager to see how the timeline for returning to civilian rule unfolds and what these developments mean for Gabon’s future. Keep an eye out for updates on this ever-evolving story.

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