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What‘s the best Chartered Economist program in the world?

As an economics enthusiast, one would definitely have asked lots of questions regarding how to become a Chartered Economist with global recognition.

Like most of us, this question has been asked several times about becoming a chartered economist, and by this, we ask questions such as “which is the best chartered economist professional course in the world?” and “Are there any professional courses for economics at all?” Are there any globally accessible Chartered Economist programs available? If yes, which one is the best and the go-to Chartered Economist professional program?

Obviously, as one sets out to join any professional association, there are central themes that run through our heads as we zoom in on the choice we wish to make.

Some individuals prefer a professional course that is only recognized locally, that’s in their respective countries. Others, like myself, would only be interested in a Chartered Economist professional body that has a global reach.

In answering the question which has sparked this piece, there is a simple solution, and that is the ICCE!

In order not to sound controversial or seem to run down some other professional courses in economics, let’s restrict the answer to the reasons why the ICCE is the best Chartered Economist professional program in the world.

ICCE stands for the Institute of Certified Chartered Economists, and is currently the leading and foremost Chartered Economist designation in the world. It’s young, fresh, innovative, globally accessible, and affordable.

In the end, it shows and we will all equally agree that ICCE is the best and the world’s leading chartered economist program.


The ICCE is a US-registered and globally accessible association offering the Chartered Economist designation. It’s regulated by the Delaware Division of Corporations in the Delaware State, USA. As you are aware, being a US organization subjects the organization to lots of global standards and regulations which have to be met in order to be in good standing.

When one looks at the profiles of the organization’s leadership, one would not need convincing that these are distinguished professionals with years of experience and insights. The ICCE has a former World Bank Vice President as well as professors from top universities serving on its Governing Council and International Board of Standards.

Globally Accessible

As earlier mentioned, one box that anyone will always look forward to ticking when it comes to professional programs is going to be global accessibility and reach. The ICCE is now the leading globally accessible Chartered Economist program. And certainly, you would like to be a part of this.

They are providing a technology-driven Chartered Economist program that is available and accessible anywhere in the world.

Thanks to their innovative use of technology, from membership applications to accessing reading materials, discussion boards, taking examinations, etc., all these major activities of your membership are automated.


Compared with other global professional courses, even in other fields such as accounting, marketing, HR, etc. ICCE is one of the most affordable in that category.

As if that’s not enough, they are constantly running promotions that one can leverage to begin their enrolment.


On top of its affordable fees, the ICCE is offering scholarships that are accessible to all learners. All ICCE current learners stand a 99% chance of winning a scholarship. Who wouldn’t want that? Everyone loves generosity.

They are offering four (4) scholarship streams, these are the:

  • Future Economists Scholarship
  • Women Economists Network Scholarship
  • Faculty Scholarship
  • Media Professionals Scholarships

Access to free and unlimited reading materials.

For the first time, there exists a global professional body that provides all its learners with free and unlimited reading materials. YES! ICCE is doing that for all its learners. The ICCE in early 2022 signed a partnership agreement with Perlego, the online library which has over 800,000 plus books. All ICCE learners get unlimited access to all the reading materials covering the ICCE curriculum for free via Perlego.

That means, on top of the affordable examination fees, and scholarship opportunities, learners can still save on reading materials. There is no need to spend additional resources on purchasing reading materials. This is truly amazing!

Global Network

This is a tie-breaker as well. Certainly, one wouldn’t spend his or her time and resources on a professional program that doesn’t offer him/her a global network. Belonging to an association that has global membership is essential. This means global recognition and global opportunities.

Access to global events

This goes to support the above point of the global network. Obviously, the reason for joining a globally accessible association is to help one build a global network.

The ICCE is helping all its members to achieve that through various global and regional conferences. Most of these members of ICCE are able to attend at a discounted rate.

These conferences are equally essential for members to learn, unlearn, and relearn from some of the leading minds and policy shapers in economics.

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